City Contracts Open for Bid

The City of Lorain’s Department of Building, Housing and Planning (BHP) is seeking a real estate firm specializing in both commercial and residential real estate, to provide services for property owned by the department. It is the intent of the Request for Proposal (RFP) to have the successful broker/firm enter into a Professional Services Contract with the Department of BHP to supply real estate services as outlined herein. The firm is expected to market and sell residential homes to qualifying buyers, and commercial real estate to upcoming entrepreneurs; existing firms and new firms seeking a presence in the City of Lorain.
The real estate broker/firm will be paid strictly on a commission basis and will be expected to work closely with the Department of Building, Housing and Planning and provide reports to the Director. Sealed proposals are due and should be submitted by no later than September 2, 2015 @ 4:00 p.m. (EST) and hand delivered and/or mailed to:

City of Lorain
ATTN: RFP- BHP Real Estate Broker Services
200 W. Erie Avenue, 5th Floor
Lorain, Ohio 44052

All questions should be directed to Leon Mason, Director of Building, Housing and Planning, 200 W. Erie Avenue, 5th Floor, Lorain, Ohio 44052 or via email at and must be received prior to August 26, 2015. Proposals will not be accepted via electronic mail (email).

(Bids due 9/2/15)